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Увага! Робочі мови в межах школи ESLAW - англійська і українська

TRANSLATION OF CORPORATE DOCUMENTS (15 classes 105 minutes each) - 4500 UAH
1. Constitutional Documents. Incorporation Documents. Power of Attorney.
2. Proper Names of Business Entities. Forms of Business Entities. Names of Relevant State Bodies.
3. Direct Word Order. Repositioning of Elements and Ensuing Changes in Meaning.
4. Usage of Inverted Word Order.
5. No+Subject+Verb Versus Subject+Negative Verb. Differences in Meaning.
6. Constitutional Documents. Structural Parts.
7. Right, Authority and Duty. Drafting Provisions.
8. Conditions. Ways to Render Conditions. Conjunctions and Connecting Phrases.
9. Writing About Dates and Periods. Sums of Money. Numerals.
10. Concessive Clauses in Corporate Documents.
11. Adjective Clauses in Corporate Documents.
12. Parallel Construction in Corporate Documents.
13. Pure Infinitive in Minutes.
14. Specific Issues of Translation.
15. Final Test.

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