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Grammar for Lawyers

Увага! Робочі мови в межах школи ESLAW - англійська і українська

Grammar for Lawyers  - Level 1 (10 classes  120 minutes each) - 2200 UAH.
The course is made up of two parts and intended to booster grammar skills in active speaking. Drill-type exercises will help students to bring their grammar skills to the level of sub-consciousness.
1.The Present Indefinite. The Present Continuous. The Present Perfect Continuous.
2.The Present Tenses. Questions.
3.The Present Perfect. The Past Indefinite.
4.The Present Perfect and the Past Indefinite. Questions.
5.The Present Perfect and the Past Tenses. Questions.
6.The Future Tenses. Questions.
7.Revision of Tenses.
8.The Quantity words.
9.Degrees of Comparison.  
Grammar for Lawyers - Level 2 (10 classes 120 minutes each) - 2200 UAH.
1.Adverb Clause of Time /Place.
2.Adverb Clause of Cause and Effect.
3.Adverb Clause of Contrast and Comparison
4.Adverb Clause of Concession
5.Adverb Clause of Condition
6.Adverb Clause of Purpose
7.Restrictive and Non-restrictive Adjective Clause
8.Noun Clause as a Subject
9.Noun Clause as an Object
10.Noun Clause as a Predicate

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