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English for Corporate Law

Увага! Робочі мови в межах школи ESLAW - англійська і українська

English for Corporate Law (60 academic hours) – 10 000 грн

  1. Corporate versus Non-Corporate Forms of Business.
  2. Forms of Business Entities in Different Jurisdictions. Rights and Liability
  3. Formation and Incorporation. Constitutional Documents
  4. Governing Bodies and Their Competence
  5. AGM and EGM
  6. Joint Stock Companies
  7. Debt and Equity Securities.
  8. Conflict of Rights
  9. Limited Liability Company
  10. Assets and Liabilities. Balance Sheet. Intellectual Property. Good Will
  11. Reporting Taxes. Mandatory Filings. Controlling Bodies
  12. Mergers and Acquisitions. DDR
  13. Competition. Unfair Practices and Liability. Anti-Monopoly Regulations
  14. Employment and Labor Issues.
  15. Corporate Disputes. Applicable Law
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