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Introduction into Legal English

Увага! Робочі мови в межах школи ESLAW - англійська і українська

Introduction into Legal English. Procedure. Basics of Contract and Company Law (30 classes 120 minutes each) – 10 000 грн.

  1. Institution of Proceedings/The Present Indefinite
  2. Participants in Court Proceedings and Their Functions/ The Present Continuous
  3. Statement of Claim/The Present Perfect Continuous
  4. Answer to the Claim. Defense. Demurrer. Admission/The Present Perfect and The Past Indefinite
  5. Causes of Action.
  6. Forms of Relief.
  7. Discovery Stage.
  8. Trial and Appellate Hearing
  9. Minority Opinion. Dissenting and Concurrent
  10. Pre-Trial Motions and Motions at Hearing
  11. Judgment. Post-Trial Procedures
  12. Enforcement of Court Decisions
  13. Formation of Contract
  14. Requirements for Validity of Contracts
  15. Capacity to Contract
  16. Form of Contract
  17. Performance and Breach
  18. Remedy
  19. Forms of Business Structure
  20. Foundation.
  21. Raising Capital. Securities
  22. Governing Bodies
  23. Winding-up
  24. Mergers and Acquisitions
  25. Competition. Anti-trust.
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